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Technology is changing the way that students are able to access the materials needed to succeed. Every parent wants the best for their child; now imagine giving them a Harvard or Ivy League student or alumni to tutor them. Two Harvard graduates had the concept for The Ivy Key. This company is changing the caliber of online educational services. The students are put in direct access with elite tutors who also teach standardized testing prep classes and college admissions consulting. Our programmers here at Software-Nation put the concepts of The Ivy Key into play by creating and designing a fully functional website and app. We believe that connecting people from remote locations to have a larger aid pool is the wave of the future. Many universities have begun to offer a large amount of online classes. Emergencies are going to happen, and this method offers flexibility to take a semester off, but come back to physical classes when need be. There are also solely online schools that have become useful for those with a full-time job, needing to work at their own pace. The difference that we noticed with The Ivy Key’s mission is that a younger generation is targeted to prepare them for college.

There are numerous assets with online tutoring. In The Ivy Key’s case, highly qualified individuals provide services to geographic regions that were previously inaccessible. Another benefit is that children are increasing learning online which can help them train them for their future. When they go to college they are on the right track academically through the help of The Ivy Key, and they will posses a basic tech background for success.