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Computers and Aviation

As a passenger, it often seems as though computers are at the core of everything done by modern commercial airlines. Over 80% of people compare, book, and check-in to flights online. Upon arriving at the airport, customer service representatives use computers to print tickets and luggage tags. Computer monitors display flight times and gate, terminal information. Metal detectors or full body scanners relay information to computers being watched by security agents monitoring for suspicious activity. Nearly every process that we partake in as passengers, from the booking of the flight to the picking up of our checked bags, is automated, displayed, or recorded by computers. So, why should the work done behind the scenes be any different?

The answer, according to Wingware CEO Kent Dial, is that it shouldn’t be! Kent and his team at Wingware are working to integrate computers into the fueling process in order to improve efficiency and automate record keeping of quality control inspections of jet fuel. Currently, the process of doing a quality control inspection is done on paper! At Wingware they thought to utilize computers in this process instead, but with that they needed help.

With his fourteen years of experience in the aviation industry Kent saw the need for a turnkey quality control web application for the commercial aviation industry, Jet Fuel QC. With this need he also saw the fact he would need a team of UX/UI designers as well as front and back end developers to bring this application from a concept to a fully functional product that could improve the efficiency and quality of record keeping for jet fuel inspections. In order to do this he turned to us here at Software Nation to provide a full team of talented individuals to take the idea through every step of the development process. We ensure that the web application meets ATA 103 specification while automating record keeping and enabling real-time access to quality control actives and operational readiness. We worked with Wingware to create Jet Fuel QC, the first fully automated quality control monitoring system built for commercial aviation.

Jet Fuel QC home screenJet Fuel QC UsersJet Fuel QC Manager Screen
What we built into Jet Fuel QC
  1. System Automation– We programmed Jet Fuel QC to not just create electronic records, but through the use of a compliance sentry ensure that there are no missed inspections. This means that with Jet Fuel QC every inspection performed, every record generated is time and money saved for the airline.
  2. Alert Notifications– We built in real time alert reporting so that the user is always informed and ahead of the curve as the app notifies maintenance and leadership personnel instantly of quality control events and discrepancy activity from the field.
  3. Intelligent Oversight & Trend Analytics– Jet Fuel QC is not just a checklist, the back end code ensures that the application actively monitors and analyzes the recorded inspections in order to deliver valuable data about the operation. This means Jet Fuel QC can inform the user of potential problems even before they occur.
These three factors combine to not just make Jet Fuel QC an innovator in the quality control world, but to make us proud of the development work we provided to bring this innovative solution to market. We worked to create an application to Wingware’s specifications – the end result was an app capable of automating the record keeping process in order to increase transparency and awareness while maintaining the integrity of the records. In aviation this is of the utmost importance as it dramatically reduces the risk to both airlines and to their fuel vendors. Gone are the days of lost time and money spent reviewing records, transcribing results, and correcting documents –with Jet Fuel QC the commercial airline can increase their productivity and therefore their bottom-line.   Jet Fuel QC profile

Wingware’s goal is to be the leader in providing innovative solutions that yield the highest impact to their customers, partners, and industry as a whole. They are truly a company dedicated to the success and changing needs within the aviation industry. Having the opportunity to collaborate with them on the creation of Jet Fuel QC was tremendous. While Kent will tell you that we at Software Nation were “able to provide me [him] with a sweet of people that were able to collaborate and ensure that what I [Kent] designed was interfaced well”, we would similarly say that Kent allowed us to work on a project that is not just innovative, but will improve the entire industry of aviation.

Much like Wingware, our goal at Software Nation is to help our customers and partners create solutions or develop innovative products that will improve their industries. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to highlight our collaboration with Wingware on Jet Fuel QC and other companies and products that, like Jet Fuel QC, are breaking new ground in their industry.