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Social media and email addresses have become vital elements of everyday life in the contemporary world, for both networking and businesses. And now, the two are among the primary avenues targeted by virtual wallet hackers.

According to data compiled by PEW Internet, over 75 percent of adults in the United States use social media, and with data-mining and third-party user behavioral targeting now a reality, the possibilities are immense for cyber-criminals. Just a few days ago, Google’s Director of Product Management, Mark Risher, who is also responsible for the anti-spam and cyber-security side of things on the network, talked about the growing risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks.

He asserted that more people are getting their virtual cryptocurrency wallets hacked than before, noting that such incidences are usually traced back to a social media post that victims made about a topic, or on a public message board. Apparently, cyber-criminals monitor social media activity to determine a user’s interests. The next step would be to find a target’s primary email address.

Hacking into a victim’s primary email account would enable a hacker to gain insight into an individual’s financial accounts and reset passwords to valuable financial and cryptocurrency wallets. Crypto wallets that make it possible to reset one’s password via an email address are especially vulnerable.

One recent high profile case related to this is the hacking of Ian Balina’s cryptocurrency wallet, which led to the loss of $2 million. At the time, Balina, a well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency investor, was live-streaming on YouTube when a fan alerted him to a suspicious crypto transfer from his account.

Although the Youtuber failed to take notice of this right away, he found himself locked out of his Google Sheets account moments later. Balina, later on, revealed via Telegram that his wallet had been hacked.

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Google’s Hacking Protection Measures

According to Google’s Mark Risher, its email service sends a security-warning to people it deems at risk of particularly powerful and effective attacks to help them consider implementing additional layers of security. The company has been coming up with innovative security protocols for such users and has an Advanced Protection Program in which clients utilize third-party physical security-keys to mitigate such risks internally.

The tech giant is also working on a phishing-resistant, USB-based solution dubbed Titan that can be integrated with popular browsers, and other online services.

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The customer is the heart of any business. Whether the business is a retail clothing store, food delivery, or even a law firm offering expert services, the business’s success relies on their customers. Even if the product or service that you’re selling is top-notch if you don’t have people to buy what you’re selling or avail of your services, your business is bound to fail. Companies including law firms should consider their customers as assets because aside from buying a business’s product or service which gives the business revenue to keep on operating, these customers provide invaluable feedback that your company can use to improve and to expand; this is the reason why businesses should make an effort to understand their customers.

One method that a business can use to understand their customers better is the use of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a system that lets businesses manage their business relationships and customer data that can help the company increase its sales and improve customer retention. CRM systems compile information about your customer from their interactions with any part of your business, whether it’s your company website, telephone conversation, direct mail, or social media. The information gathered can range from the customer’s personal information to their spending habits and product feedback, all of which can be very helpful to any business.

These are some of the advantages of having a CRM system for your business:

1. Organized information. – CRM collects data and creates a database which can be accessible to members of the company, enabling them to understand the customers better. Unlike traditional customer information filing systems, CRM is not confined to the four walls of an office stuck inside a filing cabinet; instead, customer information can be easily accessed by any member of the business who needs it. The information in the database can be quickly sorted and filtered to find the relevant data that can help you give your customer an excellent experience with your company.

2. Better communication. – Because customer information is accessible to any member of the business, there will be no miscommunication about a client, even if the customer is talking to someone from the company for the first time.

3. Improved customer service. – If ever your customer experiences a problem with your service or product, they would want immediate resolution, and because CRM stores all information about your customers like previous purchases, preferences, and any other information gathered from interacting with your business, you will be better equipped to resolve any issue that they may have.

4. Create better strategies. – Since organized and comprehensive customer information is available to your business because of CRM, you will be able to create business strategies that can help you expand your business faster. Information about purchase history and preferences can help you create a marketing strategy that can persuade more customers with the same interests to buy your service or product and help you grow your customer base. Multiple feedbacks about your business can help you identify problem areas and start taking steps to improve your business.

There are many CRM systems available to businesses with a multitude of features that will satisfy your company’s needs. Law firms can gain a lot of benefits by using CRM systems that will help them schedule tasks and meetings with clients, organize their client contacts, and assist them in their efforts to follow-up on potential clients. Client retention for law firms can also be greatly increased by using CRM to anticipate their client’s needs. CRM data can also help law firms project their future by analyzing their current client base, and these projections will enable law firms to make adjustments to serve customers better.

Appreciating your customers is good, but for you to truly show your appreciation for them, you need to understand their needs and CRM helps you do that.

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